What is a minimal viable product (MVP)?

What is a minimal viable product (MVP)?


I was recently asked what an MVP is? The minimal viable product (MVP) is something every product development team needs to understand. In an adaptive, iterative and incremental way of working, it is a common concept that teams should embrace.

The MVP describes the bare-bones essential product that can be released to the market, where your customers will gain some benefit through useful functionality, and teams will gain more understanding about product needs through a feedback loop. Teams produce MVP-sized products to deliver value to their end users and test their assumptions about the product. Is it what they want? Will it work? Will it deliver value? Where are we off? What can we do better?

The MVP is somewhere between delivering something completely useless, without enough functionality, and a product that has too many features and was delivered without any iterative feedback loop with your customer. An MVP is good enough and useable enough to attract your first set of users.

Here is a useful discussion on the topic of MVP that I’d like to share!


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