Advanced Product Owner Toolbox – Journey Mapping, Story Mapping, Personas and Scenarios

This workshop goes beyond the basic Product Owner skillset and is designed to give participants added tools, techniques and skills that pushes deeper into value discovery. If you want ways to really understand the mindset of the user, and get even more in their “shoes”, then this session is for you.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use Journey Maps, Story Maps, Personas and Scenarios, to give you a holistic understanding of the customer experience, and then turn that understanding into actionable next steps as a Product Owner.


If you meet one of the following pre-requisites, then this class is for you:

  • Certified Product Owner through or
  • Successfully completed a core-level Product Owner class or more than 12 hours of Product Owner training
  • You are a Scrum Master looking to coach or train a Product Owner(s) and are a Certified Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Master certification through or

Outline (5 hours):

  • Know Your Customer
  • Working with Personas and Scenarios
  • Understanding goals for customers and users
  • Visualizing the flow through Journey Maps
  • Actionable steps through Story Mapping
  • Aligning, prioritizing and measuring

Cost & Logistics

Virtual 5-hour course.

Cost is $185 per person.

Do you want this training just for your own organization? That can be provided upon request. Please email your request directly here.


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Who is Pat Guariglia?

Pat is the facilitator. He has been an agile and startup coach for the last 12 years. His experience as an agile coach has brought him to dozens of companies and organizations in the US and in Europe, where he has lead and coached leadership and their teams through numerous agile transformations.

Not only is he a coach, he’s also a startup founder. Pat has first-hand experience taking an idea to market, pitching investors, and learning through successes and failures in the launching of his products. Gaining market traction and understanding your “why” is something he has fine-tuned over the years.

Learn from his experience and from others in this workshop!

More about Pat Guariglia and Elegant Agile.


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