Agile Leadership – Part 2 of 2

This course builds upon the Part 1 training by introducing techniques and practices for guiding the agile organization with clear goals, vision, initiatives and principles. Team motivation doesn’t just come from self organization, it requires a clear purpose and “why”. Agile leaders are in the perfect position to help the teams realize their vision and purpose. This class will focus on how to establish clear goals and principles as a leader.

This is Part 2 of 2 courses

The prerequisite to this course is Part 1″Becoming the Agile Leader”.

Learn hands on

The course is 50% hands-on activities and 50% lecture/instruction. 

Who It’s For

This class is meant for those in leadership running organizations or large product teams.

Cost & Logistics

Virtual 5-hour course.

Cost is $185 per person.

Do you want this training just for your own organization? That can be provided upon request. Please email your request directly here.

Learning Objectives

Part 2:
  • Creating an agile culture
  • Leading with goals, vision and initiatives
  • Defining business value and impact
  • Organizing and aligning work to goals
  • Prioritization of products and services
Agile Leaders Training Part 2

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Who is Pat Guariglia?

Pat is the facilitator. He has been an agile and startup coach for the last 12 years. His experience as an agile coach has brought him to dozens of companies and organizations in the US and in Europe, where he has lead and coached leadership and their teams through numerous agile transformations.

Not only is he a coach, he’s also a startup founder. Pat has first-hand experience taking an idea to market, pitching investors, and learning through successes and failures in the launching of his products. Gaining market traction and understanding your “why” is something he has fine-tuned over the years.

Learn from his experience and from others in this workshop!

More about Pat Guariglia and Elegant Agile.


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