It’s a Journey

This workshop is a journey, which begins with a vision and ends with well-written user stories. You’ll work together to learn advanced user story writing, product visioning, road-mapping, personas and more!

You’re Going to Build Something

During this workshop, you will work with others to come up with a brand new product idea. It’s not unusual to leave this workshop feeling like your idea could easily take off and become a real product.

Learn Hands On

The workshop is 70% hands-on activities and 30% lecture/instruction. 

Who It’s For

This class is perfect for teams, or groups of product owners and product managers. Agile experience/knowledge is a prerequisite.

Learning Objectives

  • Start with a big idea and deconstruct it
  • Understand Minimal Viable Products (MVP) and Minimal Marketable Features (MMF)
  • Learn how vision statements lead to clearly defined products
  • Utilize personas to understand your users better
  • Define epics properly
  • Break down items into laser-focused user stories
  • Write robust acceptance criteria
  • Split stories using various techniques
  • Use workflow and story mapping technique
  • Learn the Gherkin method for acceptance criteria
  • Get tips on best practices for story refinement

Sign-Up Dates

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What past workshop attendees are saying...

"I've done a lot of research on user stories over the past few years and I definitely got more out of the 4 hours of your training than I did from trying to learn on my own for all that time. Being able to practice the concepts you talked about by creating examples helped me understand how I can better coach my team on user stories as a Scrum Master. Aside from coaching my team, I'm excited to use my new knowledge to engage more with our stakeholders too."
Sarah Albrecht
Sarah Albrecht
Scrum Master at Credit Suisse