Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Agile Estimation Workshop

Story point estimation is one of the most powerful planning and risk management tools there is in Agile; however, this estimation technique is difficult to master and use… (more)

Agile Leadership -
Part 1 of 2

This course is designed to help you understand how an agile organization operates and how to lead one. Agile leadership requires a different set of skills and approaches, in order to… (more)

Agile Leadership -
Part 2 of 2

This course builds upon the Part 1 training by introducing techniques and practices for guiding the agile organization with clear goals, vision, initiatives and principles…. (more)

Advanced Product Owner Toolbox

This workshop goes beyond the basic Product Owner skillset and is designed to give participants added tools, techniques and skills that pushes deeper into value discovery. If you want ways to really understand the mindset of the user, and get even more in their “shoes”, then this session is for you…. (more)

Vision To Stories

This workshop is a journey, which begins with a vision and ends with well-written user stories. You’ll work together to learn advanced user story writing, product visioning, road-mapping, personas and more!…. (more)