Agile & Scrum Team Training


In the 2-day Scrum and Agile training, Elegant Agile integrates classroom-style lectures with hands-on activities to fully simulate a Scrum-team experience. With these exercises, the instructor brings lessons learned to the team and helps the class make the transition from learning about agile to being agile in a fun and engaging way. This training takes a broader team-based approach as opposed to focusing solely on one role within the Scrum team, which makes it ideal for those involved in the construction of a product.

Training manuals and poker cards will be given to each student as part of the class.

DAY 1 Agenda

  • Agile 101
  • A case for agile
  • Lean simulation (team exercise)
  • Scrum 101
  • Scrum simulation (team building and sprint simulation)
  • Scrum roles

DAY 2 Agenda

  • Scrum ceremonies
  • Sprint simulation (team exercise)
  • Scrum artifacts
  • Product backlog
  • Story writing simulation (team exercise)
  • User story writing and tools (team exercise)

Learning Objectives

This two-day training is used to teach students valuable team-based practices for building and supporting software and application-based products. The agile training program offered by Elegant Agile gives each student hands-on experience in the classroom coupled with practical lessons, and shared best practices from an experienced instructor. Students will learn everything from how to build a product collaboratively using Scrum, to working in operational-support teams using tools such as kanban. Elegant Agile’s training is the best in the area.

agile team that is self organizing around an activity

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