Agile Coaching (In-Person & Virtual)

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elegant Agile provided all coaching services using Zoom.

Every team, organization, and culture is different and unique. Agile coaching is often necessary to help organizations move through an agile transformation. Pat Guariglia evaluates and assesses your environment and works with you to create an actionable plan to improve your organization’s agility and culture. He has coached over 50 companies in over a dozen industries, and because of that he brings a wealth of knowledge to each engagement. Using his experience as a startup founder he also helps leadership and teams think in a lean startup way. The following are examples of the coaching services offered:


agile team that is self organizing around an activity

We embed coaches in your teams. This close engagement will improve team growth and help to promote agile adoption. Real-world experience across multiple industries is used during our on-the-job mentoring and teaching. Each coach will spend upfront time understanding the environment in order to make the best recommendations and help each team reach their full potential.


agile leadership means taking direction and being guided by your north star

Leadership and executive coaching focuses on helping each leader reach their full potential in an agile organization. Pat provides one-on-one coaching at all levels of senior leadership. He has a direct, honest and thoughtful approach with each leader. Working with leaders, he helps them drive purpose and vision throughout their teams, ensuring that everyone is delivering value and understands “why”.


agile organizational structure is the foundation

Almost every agile transformation forces leadership to wonder if their organization or program is structured correctly. Pat works with leadership to bring a different perspective of program or department-level organization. You can benefit from an outside perspective on organizational structure from someone who has worked with teams in over 50 companies.

Product Management

agile product management involves using tools like wireframes

Product managers need as many skills, tools and principles on hand in order to be the most successful and effective leaders. Pat works with product managers and product owners to help them fine-tune their product development strategy. While coaching these individuals, Pat helps them think about minimal viable products, lean process, increasing feedback loops, customer engagement and working with agile teams to build amazing products.

What makes Elegant Agile the right choice?

  • We know how to improve your bottom line, deliver valuable products to customers quicker, and increase your cost-benefit ratios
  • We have experience in the private and public-sectors
  • We have organized and lead small and large agile transformations including those with distributed teams
  • We will help your teams feel good about their work
  • We practice what we preach with our own product development 🙂

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Pat Guariglia coaching the development of a product backlog daily standup meetings are a part of every agile team A kanban board for an SAP service team kanban boards help keep teams on track and make work transparent product management agile product management uses many tools to help visualize