Advanced User Story Workshop (4 Hours)

The Advanced User Story workshop is a fully immersive story-writing action-packed session. This workshop is for those familiar with user story writing, elicitation and workshop techniques. Bring your Epic and User Story writing to the next level!

Pat Guariglia will take you through a journey of writing user stories, which begins with a vision and ends with well-written user stories.

Pat shows students numerous techniques helping them develop robust product backlogs including detailed user story writing, acceptance criteria creation, vertical slicing, developing personas, user experience scenarios, story mapping, and several practices.

The workshop is 70% hands-on activities and 30% lecture/instruction. This class is perfect for teams, or groups of product owners and product managers.
Agile storymapping on a table
Agile story mapping done on a table

Learning Objectives:

  • Write robust acceptance criteria
  • Split stories using various techniques
  • Story mapping technique
  • Learn the Gherkin method for acceptance criteria
  • User story refinement
  • Persona creation and utilization
  • Understanding Minimal Viable Products (MVP) and Minimal Marketable Features (MMF)

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