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Agile Coach (New York City)

Are you an experienced agile or Scrum coach and are willing to work part or full time in New York City?

The Elegant Agile Coach is an individual who has experience with individual and team coaching, cultural change management and strong leadership capabilities. This person helps to facilitate deep learning about agile and Scrum in an organization and within a team. They help to foster a positive environment, clear team conflicts and understand how to leverage agile processes that work.

The Elegant Agile Coach understands and embodies the agile principles and values, and knows how to articulate them to team members and executives. From time to time, the Elegant Agile Coach may lead, guide or facilitate agile road-mapping or release planning sessions, act as a Chief Scrum Master, coach and/or mentor leadership and teams.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide agile coaching to teams and management with the purpose of improving the Agile adoption process.
  • Use metrics and benchmarks to track agile progress.
  • Make recommendations to teams and leadership.
  • Provide examples of past experience as a way to illustrate alternatives.
  • Capture feedback and continuously improve enterprise Agile guidance, training materials, and content.

Desired Skills and Experience

Practicing Experience

  • 12 years of relevant IT experience; at least 6 years in a technical software development environment or with IT Project Management.
  • Minimum 4 years of experience using Agile methods.
  • 2000 hours Coaching Agile project teams in past 3 years


  • Undergraduate degree – MS/MBA degree strongly preferred
  • Verifiable involvement over the last 2 years in one or more of the following: agile or Scrum training, agile conference attendance or presentation, user group involvement.
  • Highly prefer a Master’s degree; otherwise prefer a Bachelor in information technology or related field.

Preferred Credentials

  • SAFe: SA, SPC
  • Scrum Alliance: CSD, CSPO, CSM, CSP, CSC, CST

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