Coaching Services

Agile and Scrum Coaching

Our Approach

  • We do an assessment for agile readiness, maturity and interest
  • We dedicate ourselves to the effort and embed ourselves into the process
  • We examine the lifecycle of projects, services and processes to look for agile and lean opportunities
  • We know the complexities of moving from traditional project methodologies to agile and Scrum

Team Coaching and Executive Coaching

  • Team coaching – coaching focused on one to several agile teams needing improvement or an agile tune-up
  • Executive coaching – coaching focused on how to further enable the individual’s (management/leadership) organization to be more agile and lean

What makes Elegant Agile the right choice?

  • We know how to improve your bottom line, deliver valuable products to customers quicker, and increase your cost-benefit ratios
  • We have experience in the private and public-sectors
  • We organized and lead small and large agile transformations including those with distributed teams
  • We will help your teams feel good about their work

How about some agile training… 

Need an Agile Assessment?

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