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Once You Go Agile, You’ll Never Look Back

Long before I was an agile coach, I spent my working days as a project manager (PM) in a traditional project setting, usually operating within an ironclad waterfall domain surrounded by rigor, process, tollgates and heavy oversight. Today, I do something different, I train and coach software development teams and organizations on how to be […]

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Getting Dirty with Scrum

I have been the Scrum Master for this one team for several years. The other day I arrived a few minutes early to the room we use for our daily Scrum and sat down to gather my thoughts before the meeting. I was in the room by myself when I noticed all of the scuffing […]

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AgiLeaks: What Would WikiLeaks Say About Government IT Projects?

I was doing research the other day and came across an interesting article on about an FBI information technology (IT) project that was estimated to cost approximately $451 million. When the article was written, in October 2010, the project was a year and a half behind schedule and $100 million over budget. Earlier in 2010, the […]

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