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Practicing what you preach – coding and making bread

Isn’t it hard to practice what you preach? I’ve always heard that the best psychologists are those who are in therapy. Why is that? Whatever the reason is, I’m sure they understand the perspectives of both the doctor and the patient better. My primary profession is that of an agile coach and trainer. I work […]

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What is a minimal viable product (MVP)?

I was recently asked what an MVP is? The minimal viable product (MVP) is something every product development team needs to understand. In an adaptive, iterative and incremental way of working, it is a common concept that teams should embrace. The MVP describes the bare-bones essential product that can be released to the market, where […]

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Coaching Boundaries

Sitting just a few feet from me at one side of the table, Sarah crosses her legs, clasps her hands, and begins unfolding the details of her week to me. I try to meet with her once a week when visiting “Company X,” a relatively small NYC start-up. She’s a strong character; a complex, twisted […]

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